SINCE 1950
A story of great success


Worldwide leader
in press moulds

Since 1950, SESA core business is the production of press moulds to produce melamine faced chipboards and laminates. It is known worldwide for its wide range of finishes from the classis High gloss to the recent ONE collection.
Pioneers in applying the Embossed In Register (E.I.R) technology to produce a finish for flooring, representing the highest expression of realism, SESA continues researching new technologies to enhance the realism of the finish.
The most recent project leads to the collection ONE.

SESA offers to its customers the possibility to refurbish its press moulds, granting the efficiency as per new ones and extending the lifespan of its products.
Meanwhile, the technological equipment has been upgraded and the production area has been enlarged. All these improvements are guarantee of quality, service and innovation.