The surfaces specialist


Leader in press moulds production

SESA core business is the production of press moulds to produce melamine faced chipboards and laminates. It is known worldwide for its wide range of finishes from the classis High gloss to the recent ONE collection. Pioneers in applying the Embossed In Register (E.I.R) technology to produce a finish for flooring, representing the highest expression of realism, SESA continues researching new technologies to enhance the realism of the finish. The most recent project leads to the collection ONE.

One Mould. Infinite Solutions.

One Idea. Infinite Designs.

Woodgrain surfaces represent our biggest collection. Ashwood & Universal pores; Straight or transversal woodgrains; two gloss levels pores; E.i.R pores dedicated to a specific d├ęcor paper to achieve the best result possible.
Application: any vertical for furniture, HPL and flooring.

Tiles and Stone surfaces resemble natural materials and share some characteristic with other SESA categories as the depth and low gloss.
Application: kitchen tops, flooring, nowadays vertical panels for furniture.

Fancy surfaces are inspired by abstract decors, shapes from the nature or any suitable idea. Often presenting a very deep profile.
Application: interiors and public areas.

3D effect

"ONE" answers to customer's request for renovation of classic finishes and for natural, low matt structures to be used under standard parameters.