Registered Trademarks


What you see
is what you feel...
and it feels real!

Embossing in Register” and EiR are registered trademarks of SESA S.p.A. Wishing for more authentically and naturalness end-users want to feel exactly what the eye sees. Random surface texturing still delivers very good results, but EiR applied to printed designs takes this to another level. The secret is to emboss the grain in a totally natural way so that the vessels, pore and grain, appear exactly where they would in the natural product.
Obviously this requires a close cooperation between the paper maker, décor printer, impregnator, press-plate maker.
SESA was the first company to produce embossed in register, or EiR surfaces.These came first for flooring in 1999 and subsequently, in 2004, for melamine surfaces used in furniture manufacture. Since then EiR gained in popularity. Texturing of surfaces is not so new, but EiR takes this to another level.